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I see that noted atheist AC Grayling has decided to start himself a private college, and has invited other noted atheists, such as Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker, to teach.

Several public universities in England have apparently raised their tuitions to £9,000 a year, which is pretty freakin' steep in a country where the government is cutting back aid programs left and right. So I'm really glad that AC Grayling and friends are helping out:

Grayling said he was motivated in part by fears that government cuts to university humanities and arts courses could leave "the fabric of society poorer as a result".

So what's annual the tuition at New College Of The Humanities? £18,000. Right. That tuition looks to make Grayling and Dawkins a lot richer, but I don't think the fabric of society will be any richer.

But, at least we can count on New College to be intellectually honest, right? After all, we religious folk are just dumb rocks who have to believe in sky daddies because we miss our mommies, right? But atheists have got the ethical way of living nailed down. Nah, they'd never commit plagiarism. They'd certainly never ever copy course syllabi verbatim from public universities.

"Every university is worried about students plagiarising essays," said Justin Champion, a senior historian at Royal Holloway college, who spotted that the titles of modules he wrote were reproduced on the New College website.

"Here we have a whole degree programme being plagiarised. I personally feel quite insulted because I wrote quite a lot of the syllabus. If the University of London didn't exist and public money hadn't been used to draw up these syllabuses, they wouldn't have been able to do this, or they would have had to invest a lot of money."

If, as AC Grayling claims, New College is offering "added value" – enough to justify £18,000 tuitions – you'd think they'd take the trouble to develop their own course syllabi.

Oh, did Grayling et al engage in due diligence regarding their business model? ... Nope. Seems they're running this project on a hope and a prayer. Ironic, that. (I'm sorry, but £10m in private equity funding seems like peanuts when it comes to funding a brand new college, no matter how small.)

Not to mention that the four leading lights of NCH (Grayling, Dawkins, Pinker, and Ferguson) are white men. Great effort at diversity, there. I'm sure that POC and women will feel like their views, perspectives, and research will be taken seriously.

Dawkins et al think that people of faith have a God delusion. (Nice bit of ableism, that.) Personally, I think that some fundamentalist atheists are suffering from hypoethicalism. Might want to seek treatment for that, y'all, because you're starting to look like fools.

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