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Hey, remember me from way back? I used to blog. I don't remember how many times I nuked whatever blog I had, but I'm back for now at least. At the moment, I'm planning to blog about politics (I'm leftist), and maybe some stuff related to my path towards Christianity (Episcopalian; I'm not baptized yet, but I'm working on it), especially how it informs my anti-capitalist and anti-oppression politics.

Comment policy: I don't accept racist, misogynist, anti-choice, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-semitic*, Islamophobic, or otherwise oppressive comments. Trolls get banned asap; I will not provide a platform for hate. In light of #mooreandme, I must stress: Any comments that threaten rape or other violence on any person will be deleted and I will immediately ban the commenter and report them to Dreamwidth for abuse. I intend to keep this a safe space for survivors of rape and domestic violence. Christian fundamentalists beware: I am a Christian leftist, and I will not tolerate woman-hating, anti-choice polemic, queer-hating, Christian Zionism, or prosperity theology.

* Note that I am anti-Zionist, and I welcome critique of Israel and its policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid against Palestinians. I will not tolerate hatred against Jews.

Why blog again? In short: #mooreandme.

I make no guarantees about my posting volume; don't be surprised if I post a bunch of shit all at once and then nothing for months.

I also tweet @GallingGalla; my updates are public.

Identities, in no particular order: CAMAB transgenderqueer woman, white, born and raised Jewish, on the path to Christianity, USian, settler, raised middle-class, long-term unemployed, crazy (major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depersonalization disorder), developmentally disabled (Aspergers, ADHD), bearer of chronic pain, survivor of rape, lover of endless lists.

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making michael moore cry
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